What to Drink?

Lets talk AF (alcohol free) options..

BEER: I love the taste of a good beer and I feared missing it so much once I went AF that it was one of the biggest reasons I was fearful I would fail at my sobriety. But let me tell you there are some great options out there! So if you are like me here are two of my favorite beer options, Heineken, O’Douls are my favorite! I still need to go to Total Wine and get he Corona AF beer option because I love a corona with a lime.

WINE: Now I stopped drinking wine months before my sobriety journey but that was because the sugars and sulfates ruined me. But I do love a good cabernet so here is one option I have found and love and I know there are a ton more. FRE Red Wine Blend, Alcohol-Removed is one I tried while on vacation and I just had to remove the thought of grape juice and pour it in a wine glass and sip it without the worry of a buzz or hangover the next day and it was perfect. This is a great alternative for girls night or when you have guest over.. have this and most wont even notice that you are AF.

Everyday options in a can: Sometimes its just about having something in a can that makes you feel like you are apart of the drinking group or when you are having a moment of weakness and feel like you may cave. Grab one of these options and I assure you it will help you in that moment and you can move on and still stay AF.

POPPI Sparkling Prebiotic Soda w/ Gut Health & Immunity Benefits This drink has 5g of sugar, prebiotics for gut health, has apple cider vinegar, helps build your immune system and helps promote glowing skin. This has become a household staple for us because its AF my kids enjoy it as well and its a win win because of all the benefits and low sugar. It comes in a variety of flavors which is a huge plus.

SKINTE Collagen Sparkling Tea This comes in 4 different flavors and taste so good even when its warm.. or maybe I am just a weirdo haha. But it has Collagen Peptides & Rich in Super Herbs & Antioxidants. It is great for hair, skin and nails and the best part ZERO SUGAR and AF!!

LIQUOR: Now if you love a good mixed drink like whiskey.. (Side note: oh man I love some whiskey one of my favorite vacations was Gatlinburg and whiskey tasting, minus the fact that my kids cried the entire time because they were bored and hated that I got so buzzed ) there are some options out there. I have yet to try them but I am intrigued so when I do I will for sure share my review but here are a few I have been reading up on and curious about.

Ritual Zero Proof has so many options and has some pretty decent reviews. This is one I am wanting to try. They have Tequila, Whiskey, Gin, and Rum options and they sell them in bundles as well.

Monday is one I have been excited to try as well. This one is a zero carb, zero calorie, zero sugar and is GF & Vegan as well as Alcohol Free. They offer a Gin & Whiskey option so I am super excited to try these.

There are so many AF options out there for endless options to keep you comfortable and sober so don’t feel like the fun has to stop just because you aren’t poisoning your body.

I hope you enjoy and if you have tried some of these and or have better options I would love to know!

♡ Melissa

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