FACING FEAR, Interior Design


Bare with me, my mind has been spinning with ideas lately and it has caused a lot of sleepless nights. I just have some many thinigs I want to do its a bit overwhelming, yet exciting and I am just figuring out how to get them started.

I have always loved interior design and architecture. I actually wanted to be an architect when I was younger and I told my dad I wanted to go to Cal Poly for Architecture but that was unrealistic. I then set my education goal to attend the Art Institure for Interior Design and well I attened a semester at the Portland Art Institute and when I could no longer afford school and life, I sadly had to drop out. My dream never died even if my options to pursue it where crushed with reality of cost and affordability. For a short lived two years I did work in New Home Sales, which at a certain level it was partly interior design but not really. Its more so the buyer telling you what they want in their home and honestly some have great ideas but mostly the others your cringe at and hope if they cancel you can make changes before its too late. I did enjoy panneling out homes but my options where so limited that it made it diffucult to really setr my visions in place. Now here I am back at square one of my dream, unemployed and my mind filing with ideas.

I am a huge DIY type of girl. If something needs to be hung its me. If something needs painting its me. If I want shiplap its me. If I want board and batten its me. So pretty much its me in our house that does the handy work. I love my husband but he has zero paitients or desire to do any DYI. I have so many visions in transforming our home from builder grade to custom home designs. I have takled a few so far like this niche below.

I have so many more ideas.. I have this huge entry with 15 foot celings and I imagine beams. I want to paint all my walls and celings from this beige to white walls. I want the cabinets in the kitchen go to the ceiling and transform my pantry from builder grade shelving to cabinets with counters. I want have so many more ideas and I am so excited that I now have the time and freedom to tackle them all. I want to share them and inspire others to achieve their home goals. I can’t wait to get started and start sharing.

Its fun to be creative and transform spaces and I love it.

♡ Melissa

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